Friday, August 8, 2008

And I was all excited

I also found this in today's Current - a list of state funds targeted (by our local delegation) for projects in our city, if, I assume a bond is sold, and the governor's office approves:

· $1.8 million for the Port of Newburyport, including commercial fishing improvements, marine transportation improvements, marine educational facilities, a fish market and other improvements related to tourism and economic development
· $2.8 million for improvements and repairs to the Newburyport Boardwalk
· $1 million for Waterfront Park in Newburyport
· $1 million for dredging and jetty repair in the Merrimac River
· $150,000 for repairs to and new floats at the Cashman Park boat launch in Newburyport
· $40,000 for the rehabilitation of the Joppa Flats boat launch

Is the $1 mil targeted for the new park, or Market Landing Park?

“Not unlike our roads and bridges, it takes significant capital investments to maintain the critical environmental resources that make this area a wonderful place to live,” said Sen. Steven A. Baddour. “I’m happy to see that the commonwealth has made this long-term commitment in the area of the environment and natural resources. Rep. Costello and I will work over the next several years to demonstrate the importance of each of these projects.”

Well, it's that last sentence that says it all, right?

There was also this story in the Current, listing $1.2 mil for a senior citizens center and $500,000 for the high school stadium, among other projects in the area.

I wish there could be more explaining in these stories.


Ari Herzog said...

Who wrote those Current stories? I don't see any names...

Gillian Swart said...

My guess is, they were taken directly from news releases.

Ari Herzog said... if both Costello and Baddour are quoted in the news release, who typically sends it?

Gillian Swart said...

Since the Current article quotes Martignetti, I'd guess Costello's office. But this is only my best guess.