Friday, April 4, 2008

Glad tidings

Oh I was so glad to read this in today's Daily News. As a resident of Plum Island, when I see this old boathouse as I'm driving home, I know I'm almost there. I'll snap a photo of it when it stops raining.

The building, as you approach it from downtown Newburyport, bears the banner "No evacuation possible" and below it another one that says, "Got KI?" (The building is in Newbury, which I know is confusing to people who don't live here, but in all cases if you live on PI and your address is Newburyport, you have to drive through Newbury to get home. And everyone has to drive out the PI Turnpike to get out here.)

KI is the chemical formula for potassium iodide, which is what you're supposed to take in case of exposure to radiation. Nuke pills. We here out on the island are all supposed to have a supply of KI on hand (the city hands it out). I don't got KI.

And speaking of the rain, the people at the C-10 Research and Education Foundation (the ones who monitor radiation levels in the area) told me a while back that the levels shoot up when it rains.

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