Saturday, April 5, 2008

Check it out

Tom Salemi has a really interesting post on his blogspot about living locally.

For the record, I drive to either Tendercrop Farm or The Butchery, both in Newbury and both within 2 miles of me, to buy most of my food. I suck up the higher prices because I figure the gas used driving across town to Market Basket probably at least in part makes up the difference. Especially now.

Whenever I'm over on the other side of town, which happens less often now that I'm not a working reporter, I consolidate the trip and pick up stuff not available at Tendercrop. Darn that cat and his need to eat, too!

Plus, Tendercrop has (home raised) hormone-free meat and fresh eggs.

Often scenarios pop into my head, usually while I'm driving. One of them involves me and a bunch of neighbors and my family living off the land. I admit, the scene is somewhat verdant farm not a sandy spit of land. We hunt, we fish ... we aim shotguns at people trying to steal our freshly-cured hams ... but occasionally we take pity on someone less fortunate and share.

Might I offer a plug for Boston Organics? They deliver produce and other organic offerings right to your door (unless you live on Plum Island, that is) and the guy who owns it lives in Newburyport. They try to buy local whenever possible.

When Tom referenced Steven Karp and Green Acres, I had a vision of Karp, in his suit, bouncing along on an old tractor ...

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