Saturday, January 17, 2009

What if .... ?

You send a reply email to someone, and the only means you have to contact this person is through email, and it comes back as "undeliverable?"

Is this another failure of my former Yahoo email address?

Since I'm sitting at home sick, I'm tending toward obsessing over things like this ...

So I'll just say in response to someone who emailed me a while back (I have been periodically trying to reply) and made a comment about the sandbags on the beach that I think the Daily News may have over stated the size of them. Can't be sure about that, though - I believe they were just referred to as "massive."

I have not actually gone onto the PI beach for some time, but I can see every time I leave the island that the sand (can't really call it a dune anymore) at PI Center seems to be holding its own.

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