Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's, like, the rave

I was, like, reading this here letter to the editor in the Daily News called "Expressions better left unsaid."

Here it is, in full:

Call me old-fashioned, call me critical and you can even call me ridiculous, but one thing that I pride myself on is speaking the English language correctly.

What has happened to the way that we speak? I am referring to two expressions that have become so prevalent in our society that it annoys the heck out of me.

The first one is using the word "like" in the wrong context and using it too frequently. I hear people everyday saying, "I'm 'like'" or "He's 'like'" in just about every sentence that's spoken. Where did that come from? Is this the right way to talk? Not for me. It sounds very juvenile and just shouldn't be said, in my opinion.

The other expression that I hear that absolutely drives me up a wall is the word "goes" and the singular of goes, that being "go." When a person is describing a conversation that one has had with another, such as, "I was talking to so and so the other day," they always say, "He 'goes'" or "She 'goes,'" instead of saying it the correct way, that being he or she "said" or he or she "said to me" or the singular "I go."

We all live in an imperfect world, that is a fact; however, I would hope that we can learn to speak the way we we're taught in school, and those two aforementioned expressions, I feel certain, were not the correct way to speak.
People commenting online point out the typing (or other) gaffe in the last paragraph (in red), but hey ... my pet peeve is extraneous apostrophes!

I remember the first time I noticed someone saying "like" every other word. It was an interview with Greg Hawkes, keyboardist for the pop group The Cars. It struck me as very odd (I believe I was still living in Michigan, or had just moved out here).

Actually, I still think it's odd. Why add extra, unnecessary words into your sentences, man?

I find myself saying it, all the time. I'm trying to stop cuz it's, like, weird.

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Sarah Swart said...

Isn't that issue, like, 20 years old?