Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three blind mice

This morning I have been watching cable news channels. Yes, even FoxNews.

I usually watch CNN, out of habit. But the annoyance level went over the top this morning, and I switched over to MSNBC.

Funny how on all these channels it's the same mouthpieces saying the same old stuff about both candidates. Neither side can find anything they like about the opposition. Surely there is one thing Obama people like about McCain, and vice versa.

I'd like to see someone new, thank you.

Now I'm watching Fox and Bill Hemmer, who I used to like when he was on CNN. Now I don't know what to believe because whereas he was fairly moderate on CNN, he is towing the partisan Fox line now.

Speaking of which, didn't that MSNBC woman (Chris?) used to be on Fox?

It's hard to tell anything about Hemmer right now, though, because he and his co-host (Megyn Kelly) are talking about Paul McCartney, or will be once they come back from commercial.

Switching over, CNN is talking to some guy in Galveston and MSNBC is also on commercial.
CNN has been pretty much all Ike, all the time the last couple of days. Not a bad thing, but I am craving politics.

I switched CNN off earlier because they had a sound bite from McCain about the economy and not the rebuttal from Biden (which I had seen earlier). Yesterday, they showed clips of McCain and Palin's campaign appearances and then cut from Obama to go to another story.

Now Fox is also talking weather and a "disturbed system" in the tropics. I hope it works out its issues.

Oh, apparently "downtalking" the economy is not presidential, says Fox paraphrasing McCain.

What happened to Paul McCartney? OK - he's the tease to keep people watching?


My rating is that MSNBC is being the most "fair and balanced" of the 3 this morning. But that's not saying much.


Anonymous said...

That was not Megyn Kelly, that was Heather Nauert.

Gillian Swart said...

Oh, sorry, I was going by the info supplied by Comcast.

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks for clearing that up, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

bubba Z said...

Those "journalists" would report that the earth is flat if you paid them enough.

Gillian Swart said...

Do you think they see it as a job that they can take pride in, or as entertainment? The former is a very scary notion to me.

bubba z said...

I think they see it as a way to pay the mortgage and as long as they are simply reporting what other people are saying, they don't consider themselves liars.

X said...

i find it difficult to believe that any network with Keith Olberman on it can be the considered the most fair and balanced, CNN and Fox must have really gone down the toilet.

Gillian Swart said...

Well I have never watched Olberman. I was going based on what I saw this morning ... of course, part of my disgust with CNN started with seeing Anderson Cooper standing hip-deep in flood water ...

bubba said...

I'm not sure Olberman has ever claimed to be fair and balanced - though he spends much of his time correcting those who do.

X said...

Anderson Cooper must have an endorsement deal with the makers of hip-waders, he's always waist deep in something.