Monday, September 1, 2008

Licorice & Sloe to close

I just got the email from Bil Silliker telling his - well, interested parties, I guess - that he and his wife have decided to close up for good on Sept. 28, or sooner. They have to sell off their tea inventory.

Unfortunately a recent decision by the city council of Newburyport to deny us the use of a sign that has been vital to our business has had an even greater impact on our bottom line than we had anticipated. We’ve watched August’s numbers fail to meet those of recent months and more specifically one of our greatest weekends of the summer has typically been Labor Day weekend and this year it has been abysmal.

My recent departure from the business as an attempt to support our family through what we expected to be a tough time has forced our labor costs up to a point where we can’t possibly sustain the needs of the business

Licorice & Sloe was a one-of in Newburyport, a tea bar. I know it was on the expensive side, but that's life here now.

It's a shame when any business closes down, and I'll feel this one. I really liked it there.


Michelle said...

Bummer. It seems like only yesterday I wrote about them in the NBPT Current.

Gillian Swart said...

I know, what was that, two years ago? I talked to him the other day, and the anguish in his voice was heartbreaking (and he didn't even mention closing). He loves that store.

Sarah Swart said...

Any chance you can make some decent tea purchases for me? Maybe I can sell Pleasant Street Tea Co. on such a purchase. Isn't that where we went for M's birthday a couple years ago? Damn.

Gillian Swart said...

Yep, that would be the place. What kind(s) do you want? Why am I not just calling you? lol