Monday, September 15, 2008


What seems like ages ago now, I worked at an investment company. The economy was impressive (Clinton was President).

I had some income that I was actually able to invest. My boss, the president of the company, told me not to invest in stock market because it was too high.

I did not listen to him.

The guy in charge of stock investments at the company told me to buy, buy, buy. Buy CMGI, he advised me.

Him I listened to.

Years went by and I contributed to my IRA like a dutiful person bent on having a secure retirement. And I kept buying stocks.

This year I had to cash in my IRA, and as it turns out, it was probably a smart move. God knows what it would be worth today. It was worth only 2/3 of what it started out when I cashed it in. I still have most of the stocks, but I have not looked at their value for about 6 months.

I cried last time I looked.

I am not an economist (I actually dropped economics in college because it bored me to tears).

I don't care whose fault it is that stocks are plummeting.

I just want to know that I have some kind of future that does not include living in the home of one of my married sisters.

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