Monday, September 8, 2008

Downtown slowly changes

Been busy again today ...

But I went downtown earlier and saw something I had not noticed - a store called Petite Bijou, on State Street.

Where did THAT come from? Guess I should have remembered this story (from May 26) in the Daily News:

Brigitti Coco, a woman with retail experience, is opening up a store called Petite Bijou, a women's accessory store. [Ann] Lagasse said that store should open by July.

(That is at 10 State St.)

Next month, Lagasse said a women's clothing store called Nicole Marie will open at 12 State St., the space Valerie's Gallery vacated recently. The owners, David and Marissa Fundot, have a store of the same name in Concord.

I thought for a second I was on Newbury St. in Boston, but never mind that.

So where the hell is the Upper Crust going? 42-44 State St. I was confused!


mary said...

I know! Those 2 just popped in there quietly.

Apparently, Kelly Clarkson was spotted in Petit Bijou, so that's exciting, I suppose.

Upper Crust is going in between The Studio and the ice cream shop.

Tom Salemi said...

Upper Crust is going in the store with the big Upper Crust signs in the windows.


Gillian Swart said...

Yeah, Tom ... I know I'm pretty oblivious ... but I cut through to Inn St. before getting that far up State St. *cough* So what if I was downtown on Sat. and failed to notice big Upper Crust signs?

But for some reason, I thought Upper Crust was going in at former Piper Properties location.