Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm outraged

Yes, I'm outraged, angry and upset.

No, it's not about Gov. Palin, or Bubba being a moderate.

It's about people on the Gulf Coast of Texas who did not abide by the mandatory evacuation and now are calling for help to leave the area.

I don't understand this mentality, or lack thereof. CNN a few minutes ago showed some guys surfing and riding around on jet skis. They were apprehended. They were being cocky and commenting about the wild ride.

As CNN host Rick Sanchez just said, these people are putting emergency responders at risk. A Texas policeman is now announcing that they have to evacuate themselves, so these people who decided to stay will be on their own.

People who make the decision to ignore a mandatory evacuation should be fined after having to be rescued later. Period.

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