Friday, September 5, 2008

Another law suit for the city?

I received this (anonymous) comment on my post of last week, "The saga continues: more violations at the landfill." Thought it deserved to stand on its own also.

I have no idea who sent it, or if the claim that Everett is considering suing Newburyport has merit, as I was not at the Everett meeting. I did, however, send the comment along to Jack Morris, our health director.

You would be very interested to know that we here in Everett have been trying to get an open public hearing on Wood Waste and Everett's Mayor Carlo DeMaria has been procrastinating.

Tonight he had to answer to the common council yet again and while he makes up all sorts of excuses for William Thibeault he was actually getting angry and said our situation here is in the hands of the AG and Newburyport.

He claims Newburyport for one hundred years had the landfill and Newburyport dumped catch basins and chemicals in it and now Mr. Thibeault has it for one year, and you are blaming him and he is blaming you.

Mayor DeMaria made mention that he spoke with his City Solicitor and he is ready to take out a class action suit against Newburyport the AG and Wood Waste of Boston.

We know that taking out a class action suit against William Thibeault means nothing. In the same breath, he was trying to tell the people of Everett how Mr. Thibeault wants to be a good cooperate neighbor and clean up out islands that are DCR Property.

Never one mention of Mr. Thibeault's plan he had back in June to truck his waste to Ohio and Michigan that he never kept his word on.

People still can't breath near Wood Waste, the trash piles are still outside, uncovered and stink. A lady across the highway hung her sheets out to dry and she had to rewash them because she could smell the chemicals from Wood Waste. He was supposed to enclose this facility thirteen years ago.

Shame on the DEP and the AG for letting this go on for so long and do nothing about people's sufferings. Thought you might find that a little interesting.

I did not change this, except for inserting paragraph breaks and an apostrophe or two.

Wood Waste is Thibeault's facility in Everett, and the AG is the attorney general, who has slapped a preliminary injunction on New Ventures, LLC, the owner of Thibeault's facility here.


Barry Connell said...

Hmmm.. Doesn't it sound as if Newburyport and Everett might join forces, and have grounds to sue the DEP/AG for their failure to enforce the law? The chronic dithering of our state agencies has placed both our communities in jeopardy.

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Barry. That's a fair point.

Anonymous said...

Everett had their Common Council meeting tonight. We were informed of a few things that might interest Newburyport.

1. Everett's mayor will be meeting with the AG on October 8th to discuss Thibeault's Wood Waste.

2. Newburyport will be having a meeting with the State? on the 16th about reopening the Crow Lane landfill.

3. Everett will be having a Public Hearing, October 29th on all issues Wood Waste.

Just thought I would pass along the latest info from this end.

Hop you are feeling better.


Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, MassDee! I'm better now.