Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be forwarned

The City Council last night also authorized a stop intersection at Ferry Road and Spofford Street.

They even waived their rules and voted on the order with only one reading.

If you know that intersection, you know that it's tricky. But I thought they did this last year, at this time, in the name of the school children who probably are not walking to school anyway?

Whatever, there are no city sidewalks there, and it's the same general area where Trista Zinck and Neil Bornstein were run down 5 years ago, so it's a good thing.

(On a related note, a man was cited for hitting a woman with his car in the crosswalk by the Chamber's information booth. He said he was blinded by the sun. Read the full story here. That crosswalk can also be a problem when you're pulling out of the Green St. lot.)

Now for the sidewalks ... well, the Council also upgraded an ordinance about sidewalk maintenance to allow $60,000 for maintenance, instead of the previous $30,000 ... I was a little confused on this one, since I did not have the full package they give to the councillors, so I'm assuming they upped the yearly allotment for sidewalk maintenance.

There was also something about $7,500 for the health dept. to buy a used pickup truck ($6,000 for the truck and $1,500 for associated expenses). Councillor Barry Connell, for reasons he did not state, and I did not ask, voted against this.

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