Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The memory fades?

Tomorrow, of course, marks the 7th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

So it's with dismay that I read that the day is fading in the public's memory. This headline from today's Daily:

Sept. 11 events start to fade from public eye

AMESBURY — On Sept. 11, 2002, almost 4,000 people jammed into Landry Stadium to remember the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Since then, the town has paused each year to do the same. The ceremony is much smaller — and so is the crowd. Last year about 20 people joined the police and fire, and town officials, at a brief memorial at the Huntington Square gazebo. But the memorial — which includes a prayer, bells and candle lighting — gives citizens a chance to reflect and remember for a moment, organizer Rosemary Werner said yesterday.

Is this true (the fading part)? I have never attended any formal memorial service on Sept. 11, but I always pause and reflect on that terrible day each Sept. 11.

I would hate to think that people are becoming complacent, especially now that there is a presidential election upcoming.

This from Jacob G. Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, on his blog (July 9, 2008):

The political world has been abuzz over McCain advisor Charlie Black’s statement that another terrorist attack on American soil before Election Day would benefit McCain’s chances for winning the election.

Political rhetoric aside, the possibility is real. So let's not ever forget, even if none of us ever attends an official memorial service again.

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mary said...

I hope that people aren't complacent, and that they aren't slowly forgetting this day.