Monday, September 8, 2008

No GIC again?

Incredibly, it's been a year since the mayor was unable to get the city's unions to join the Group Insurance Committee (GIC).

Since I've not heard word one about it in several months, I'm assuming it's a non-issue again this year.

It's going to be difficult to convince people to vote for a debt exclusion when the appearance at least is that the city did not push the GIC in to the hilt.

Did I mention that I used to be on a bargaining unit, when I lived in Michigan? Well, I was.

The place I worked, a community college, had a professional negotiator up against us little non-professionals.

Maybe the city should consider such a person, if they don't already have one. I haven't a clue.

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Ari Herzog said...

At issue is the fact the GIC can only offer communities medical insurance, not dental or disability insurance. Add that to the fact the city's current insurance broker, the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, will offer tiered plans to compete with the GIC, my guess is nobody will go to the state.