Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lying and satire and why did McCain kiss Palin?

I'm getting a lot of fodder for posts off, via (I'm not sure what that relationship is all about, but who cares?)

This week's entry is a piece by one Lisa Kogan, who, it appears, is from Detroit. That does not make me predisposed to endorse her position, although I think she's a clever writer.

From the very headline "Lies are good for family and friends," you knew there was going to be trouble.

The bottom line is this: Life is short, time is precious, and I don't want to spend Saturday night watching my friend, the would-be actress, do a walk-on in "Tartuffe." It's not that I don't love my friend, and it's not that I don't love "Tartuffe" (okay, that's a lie, nobody actually loves "Tartuffe"). It's just that I reserve Saturday night for slathering my reptilelike feet in Vaseline Intensive Care as my daughter shampoos her Polly Pocket doll in the toilet.

Aside from the alleged lying (we don't know if this is just her using creative license to be humorous; see below) to her child that Toys "R" Us is only open when her (author's) parents are in town, I find advocating lying to your family/friends to get out of attending something that relates directly to them to be fairly hideous.

Friendship is about support and sure, you may have better things to do, like soaking your reptilelike feet, but what about when you want your friend/family member to read your new book, for instance, and provide feedback?

"Sorry, I have to groom my parrot, and it takes up the whole weekend!"

Fibbing is a fairly accepted means of preserving people's feelings, but usually it's done to save the person from hurt, not because you're an unsupportive smartass.

But then - maybe it's all a joke. I know people can't tell when I'm joking on here.

I once wrote on here in response to a reader who thought maybe he had offended me with a comment, that I had resolved my issues with him by kicking my cat around the room.

I have never kicked my cat, at least not intentionally (he will get under my feet anytime he thinks canned food is is in offing).

Should I have to explain that?

I usually write stuff and post it on here to inform, but sometimes it's to provoke people to think about something. I'm not trying to change the world, I'm just offering the proverbial food for thought.

And I've learned so much from comments. You know, like that because I rent I'm less than human - stuff like that.

I'm kidding!

Should I have to explain the post (here) about John McCain kissing Sarah Palin after her speech at the Republican convention? I could just as well have said, "How sweet, he kissed her. Men are always planting one on a woman's cheek in a professional situation - and how cute is that?"

OK, that second sentence reeks of sarcasm. Clearly, I was being serious in that post. I have never had anyone kiss me before, during, or after an interview.

But I did once have a boss/editor-in-chief who kissed me (and almost every other woman in the office) whenever he got the chance.

Palin clearly did not appreciate it, and I notice that yesterday, there were a lot of "man hugs," but no kisses from McCain (at least that I saw).

McCain could have simply hugged her, like the men do, and moved on. It's not even as if they are old buddies.

Kissing Lieberman would have made more sense.

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