Monday, September 8, 2008

Irked on the island

Yesterday I was watching this interested and spirited exchange on CNN's Late Edition, between CA Sen. Barbara Boxer and Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

I can't find any kind of video of the exchange, but that's not the point.

I was kind of enthralled by these two women "duking it out" on national TV.

But ... as always ... Wolf Blitzer cut in to say that was all the time they had, thank you, buh bye.

This is why I usually don't watch so-called news channels. You'd think that extra time would be allowed if someone or something is getting really interesting - but no.

"Unlimited" news with a time limit; how lovely.

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Dick Monahan said...

Many years ago, it suddenly came to me that there was always exactly 5 minutes of talking each hour on my favorite radio station, whether or not there was any news. I stopped listening that day, and have never deliberately listened to or watched a news program again.

I do read two newspapers a day, even though I now get most of my news via the web. Sometimes I wonder if its just tradition, or maybe the comics, that keeps me subscribing.

This reminds me of a favorite moment. Robert J. Lurtsema was, for many years, the much-loved host of the morning classical music program on WGBH. About once an hour (whenever the music allowed), he would walk out to the teletype machine, rip off the paper, bring it back to the studio, and read what he considered to be worthwhile to us. One day, he went through his usual 10-second introduction, said, "There is no news today.", gave a one-sentence weather forecast, and introduced the next piece of music.

This caused a big furor at the station. They threatened to fire him, and forced him to read some news every hour. That station has been going downhill ever since that moment. It persuaded me to stop donating, which left me no way to protest their cancellation of MusicAmerica in favor of more news. So, I just stopped listening to it.