Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh it's too hard to install your cable boo-hoo

So I was just talking with my sister (the one who lives in Malden again).

She mentioned the electrician had put a hole in the wall she just painted. I asked why she had an electrician there ...

It seems that a Comcast installer came to install and then said he couldn't do it because the house is too old, or some such crappola, and that my sister should get an electrician.

The electrician told my sister that there was no reason the Comcast installer could not have done the job. (Note I used to live in a much older house and no one ever had a problem installing anything in there.)

I ask you - what the heck?

My sister is planning on getting something from Comcast to make up for the extra expense they incurred by having to hire an electrician.

I think the guy who installed my allegedly digital cable out here told me he worked not for Comcast, but a contractor hired by the cable giant.

Lazy or sleazy business? You be the judge.

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