Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm too sexy for my running mate

Just yesterday, if you Googled "Sarah Palin," you got the #1 return of news results.

Today you get image results for Sarah Palin, her Wikipedia entry, her official website, and two YouTube videos before the news results.

I'm reading that Palin is getting a lot of support from men. This I would guess explains the popularity of the pics and probably the vids.

Were the pantsuits Sen. Clinton's downfall? If she had sexed it up a bit, would she have won the nomination?

I mean, let's face it, Barack Obama is also good looking and kinda sexy, if you're into string-bean types. Which I am, I might add.

So, instead of being about the issues, this election could well be about who is the sexiest. Forget McCain and Biden, they don't even register on the Sex-o-Meter.

Obama better start showing some chest and leg. He could play that Rod Stewart song about "if you think I'm sexy, and you want my body" whenever he appears.

I am very afraid.

And I've now got that stupid song stuck in my head.


Anonymous said...

Dearest blogger Jillian,

How sad it appears when I, freshly minted as a citizen, have as my choices to vote for either a bare-headed harlot who dresses too provocatively or a man who actively distances himself from any association with the one true religion!!! It feels me with weeping, dearest Jillian, to have to make such a choice, and yet the third parties are filled with homosexuals and the lawless.

- Mahatma Kote

Gillian Swart said...

I assume when you say "who dresses too provocatively," you mean her skirt doesn't touch the floor?

Anonymous said...

Dearest blogger Jillian,

The skirt can be above the floor, but the head MUST REMAIN COVERED IN PUBLIC. This is the aspect of my religiosity that most of my fellow Americans misunderstand...but then again I suppose it is no whackier than speaking in tongues or praying for pipelines, which to my untrained ear resembles to me the 'Bowling For Dollars' show that we were all so fond of in my native Pakistan.

But still the election of the next president of my United States is now somewhat of a puzzle for me, in that the conservative attitude that I desire is embodied in a white jihadist while the person who emanates great tolerance for me ironically is against everything holy.

I fear that I am being asked to choose between being kicked in the testicles or punched in the face.

And to make matters worse the yachting season is almost over so I will no longer be lounging like a Bengali pirate on the deck of my friend's fine sailing boat.

- Mahatma Kote