Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Speaking of candidates for municipal office

I will be interviewing various candidates for mayor and City Council (on video), starting this week, on behalf of Citizens for Environmental Balance.

The interviews will be aired on cable access TV over the month of October, leading up to the Nov. election. All me, all the time. yikes

Citizens for Environmental Balance

Purpose: To ensure public concerns on environmental issues are heard and represented in municipal issues to preserve the quality of life of Newburyport and surrounding region.
Formed: 1999
Activities: Campaigned for the passage of the Community Preservation Act, fought for open space preservation in Common Pasture, work to protect wetlands and the Little River watershed.
Achievement: "There's no Route 95 access road, there is no building in the Common Pasture. I'd say we've been somewhat successful, through collaboration with a lot of people," said CEB founder Al Decie.


Sarah Swart said...

I wish that I lived in N'port, or that I had cable TV (not pleading poverty; we have satellite)... however, I'm sure that you will be outstanding!

Ed Cameron said...

I actually have a series of questions ready to ask you, Gillian. So you'd better be on your toes. :-)

Ed Cameron

Gillian Swart said...

By the time I get to you, I'm sure I'll be ready for prime time. Or at least that's what I want you to think, Ed!