Monday, September 21, 2009

An afternoon with NPR

I've been listening to NPR all afternoon so I'm just full of info.

First - I just heard some report about money approved for wind turbines and at the end, it said there was some approved project in Newburyport.

HUH? I was only half listening since I was writing. I can't find anything about this on line.

Anyone know what this is about?

This NPR reporter on now keeps saying, "relator." Very annoying.

Second, there was a report about debit cards and how banks have managed to make them into credit cards.

It's simple - and I've had a rant about this before - the bank "covers" your overdrafts and then charges you $35 for this "help."

I had a similar situation to the one they described happen a few months ago when I put a $2.09 latte on my debit card and got slammed with a $35 fee because I forgot about a check I wrote (I hardly ever write checks anymore). I think I could have scrounged up the $2.09 out of my laundry quarters and change I have strewn about the car.

I politely asked Bank of America to stop authorizing charges if it put me in overdraft. I was told that small charges don't require bank approval and they have no control. Further, I was told, most customers like it because it saves them embarrassment.

They removed the $35 fee.

But now NPR has told me that they will probably have to allow me to opt out of this "service," which is what I tried unsuccessfully to do.

The government is looking into this, NPR told me.



Anonymous said...

richey's turbine was paid for with taxpayer money, thats probably what they were talking about.

Sarah Swart said...

Some national news agency just covered this story. The original BoA spin was that it has happened to only a tiny minority of its customers... then the emails started coming in.