Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I beg to differ

I find that I just cannot support the position of fellow blogger Tom Salemi on the issue of writing in the names of Donna Holaday and James Shanley as candidates for at-large city councillors, as proposed by former candidate for mayor Jim Stiles.

This is so that whichever of them loses will stay on the City Council.

I, too, had heard a rumor about this - or someone had told me it was legal - and I was a bit dismayed when I heard it.

So there may be no real "loser" in this mayoral race?

And as someone - probably frequent commenter Bubba - noted, what about those 7 people who are busting their humps running for City Councillor-at-Large?

It may be legal; lots of things are legal (like building a 2-story garage on your riverfront property) but does that make it right?

I think if you are willing to give up your seat on the City Council to run for mayor, you should be clean off the City Council when you lose the mayoral election.

It's the risk you are supposedly taking.


Tom Salemi said...

Actually twas I who gave the nod to the seven people running for councilor-at-large.

I agree. They'd get the short end of the stick.

This is yet another case where the voters will decide. I can see why that would be so troubling to some people.

No wait. I can't actually.

Does your italicizing the word right make it right? Or just your version of right?

Gillian Swart said...

Sorry, Tom. I forgot about you being in the discussion ... right and wrong is such a gray area, isn't it? And very individual. That's where religion makes such a difference. I think it covers those areas where maybe the law says something is OK but maybe ... just maybe it's not the right thing to do. Just in case the person can't decide for himself or herself.In this case, though, it was more of a question.

Ari Herzog said...

Playing Devil's Advocate, Gillian, let's suppose someone is the people's choice for both mayor and a council seat.

After a time-intensive recount, there would need to be a taxpayer-funded special election for both seats.

Sorry, I'd rather save the taxpayers unnecessary funding. If you want to write-in someone's name, that's your right--but keep it to names not otherwise on the ballot.

I'm with you that Tom's off his rocker.

Bella said...

I agree with you Gillian , I am against writting in someone name for City Council when they're already running for mayor! It is
not fair for the people that are already running for CC! I am not sure how Jim would had like it if this was done to him when he was running for a mayor!
And I wish Ron K. was running for mayor too!

Tom Salemi said...

You raise a good point Ari. I hadn't considered that possibility. Something to think about.

I still like the idea. Not sure if I'm going to execute on it yet, but I like it.

And if I were you--or anyone running for a council seat--I wouldn't be a fan either.

Bubba said...

What's this ? Gillian AND Ari agree with me ? This is something I expected on 09/09/09 - or is it the 8th sign of the apocalypse ?

Gillian Swart said...

Well...sometimes you make sense, Bubba. On other people's blogs, of course, but it still happened.