Saturday, September 19, 2009

13 down, 2 to go

About an hour ago I left Port Media after conducting my 13th interview with candidates for public office.

I thought it would be all over by the end of today, but due to circumstances beyond most people's control, 2 people had to be scheduled outside the 2-week window.

I'm exhausted, both mentally and physically. I don't know if the fact that the sessions got shorter and shorter as time went on is the result of that or if the people with the most to say signed up for the first week.

All the people scheduled for last week signed on almost immediately after being notified.

The interviews so far run from 21 minutes to 80 minutes in length. Except for the people running for mayor, they were all asked the same questions (the candidates for mayor got the same questions as the candidates for City Council plus some related specifically to the office).

I really don't know what to make of it - but I would not ignore the 80-minute interview since obviously a lot of information was shared during the course of the session.


Every time I stand up, I automatically go to unhook the microphone from my lapel, which of course isn't there when I'm at home since I don't usually wear jackets w/lapels while lounging around the house.

Good stuff.

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