Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Continuing on my rant about Monday's City Council meeting ... now that I know how the Patriots game went down, I'm extra peeved ... (I started this post on Tuesday).

Late in the meeting (probably around the time the Patriots were getting ready to win the game in dramatic fashion), the Council had the first reading of an ordinance to ban parking on the northwesterly side of Opportunity Way, in the industrial park.

It seems that the evil company Home Made Brand Foods (aka Greencore Group) has gone and been so successful that they needed to expand their facility, and the influx of trucks from this success-based expansion is causing trouble.

The facts as I understood them (keep in mind this was about 3.25 hrs. into the meeting):

The truck traffic to HMBF has increased 10-fold since they expanded.

Trucks are parking on the edge of the road.

Opportunity Way can't handle the trucks.

The trucks are ruining the side of the road!

I was stunned that they appeared to be bitching about a business in the city being successful. Did anyone from the city approach HMBF to seek a mutual solution to this problem?

Wouldn't it be funny if they do ban the parking and HMBF moves out of the city because they can't conduct business here?

That'll teach 'em to grow and expand. Begone, foul successful business; there is no place for you in this city.


Anonymous said...

They want to ban parking there but not on Parker Street at the T station? It's getting dangerous there, and cars are parking on businesses' lawns. Thanks a lot, councilors.

Tom Salemi said...

I thought the city didn't have jurisdiction over Parker Street. I think it belongs to the T.