Monday, September 28, 2009

Land and water

Earlier I was all but swarmed by city councillors calling me all manner of versions of my actual name ... does 3 constitute a swarm?

I had forgotten all about the post and I guess now I feel silly, esp since James Shanley has apologized in a comment.

I told them the story of how when I graduated, I was announced as "Gillian Robert Swart," with a hard G, and of course it's Roberta.

And then there's the time in 7th grade when I was assigned a locker with a boy as my locker mate. We said nothing and that actually worked out OK.

When I was accepted into the University of Michigan, I got a letter from some fraternity asking me to come to their open house for potential new members.

But about land and water ... the City Council directed the mayor to "take" 115 Water St. for damages totalling $1,100,000. Don't ask me about the damages thing - Mark Reich explained it, but I'll have to do some more reading.

And the City Council approved an inter-department transfer in the water dept. to fund emergency repairs at the city's clear well. That's where our drinking water is held for disinfection before we get to have it run out our pipes.

The DPS folks were one happy bunch tonight.


Bubba said...

So the property is worth $1.1 million but assessed at only $601K ? Nice huh ? Where can I get a deal like that on my property ?

Dick Monahan said...

And another question. According to the Daily News story, no one told the land owners that the taking was on the agenda last night. If true, that is really dumb. If the land owners appeal, they can drag this thing out for years.