Thursday, September 10, 2009

The list

OK so here's the scoop on the candidates who I will be interviewing over the next 2 weeks:

For mayor: Donna Holaday, James Shanley

In Ward 1: Larry McCavitt

In Ward 2: Greg Earls (he's running unopposed as well so I'm equally impressed)

In Ward 3: Bob Cronin, Dawne Shand

In Ward 4: Ed Cameron

In Ward 5: Brian Derrivan (more impressiveness)

Candidates for councillors-at-Large (5 seats up for grabs):

Barry Connell

Ari Herzog

Steve Hutcheson

Tom Jones

Frances Sullivan

So there you have it - 13 candidates out of 17 running for office have responded, as of right now.

Note that Tom O'Brien (Ward 6) is also running unopposed, and I think Katie Ives might come in late.

Today's session went well.

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