Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The interviews are done

Today was the final interview. I felt kind of sad leaving Port Media for the last time (in the immediate future, anyway). I was getting really used to being in that studio and having Jerry Mullins (the citizen producer) and Chris Miller (Port Media's director of operations) bring me water and stuff ...

Nah, it was a great time; very instructive and full of information. Also a tad confounding at times, but c'est la vie.

For those of you who prefer to watch the interviews in your spare time - you know, like at your desk at work - they will also be up on And CEB's website. And possibly the Current's website on WickedLocal.

Who knows? I may even throw snippets on here.

Jerry and Chris now have the arduous task of editing the interviews to take out my numerous false starts ("OH! Sorry Jerry!"), the random coughing fit, the "Hey! That question wasn't on the list I got!" and/or loss of voice.

All of what everyone said will remain intact, except for the occasional requests to stop for a drink of water and the aforementioned "that question wasn't on the list I got."

Kudos to that person, who after a brief reflection on the subject at hand, rallied and gave a solid answer off the cuff. (We gave them the option of not having to answer.)

Chris, who was there for most if not all of the interviews, is from the state of Washington. He said he learned a lot from listening in.

So ... thank you to everyone who participated in this massive project. I really did not quite comprehend going into it how big it really was, but I'm really glad I was part of it.

I still can't stop myself from reaching to detach the microphone before standing up, though ...

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