Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beach news

I was just reading this story in the Daily News about the PI Foundation proposing that Newbury take beachfront properties by eminent domain.
Selectmen accepted a citizen petition Tuesday night for a Town Meeting warrant article that would authorize them to "take any and all action, including but not limited to the use of the (state) eminent domain act" to obtain easements to allow the beach nourishment project to proceed. It targets a handful of property owners who have not yet agreed to allow easements over their beachfront land. Without those easements in hand, the project will be delayed several months, until September 2010.

I'm putting it on record right here that a resident proposed this at the last meeting of the Beach Alliance and Vincent Russo replied that, "The term 'take' means 'buy,' and Newbury is not in the business of acquiring private property."

Representatives from the state also said the state would not take any private land for this project.

Newbury selectman can't take any action on this until Oct. 27, and we see from our city's own efforts to "take" the land next to the sewer plant - it's been going on for 9 years, I was told while writing a story for tomorrow's Current - that it ain't easy.

By the way, the City Council went into executive session last night to discuss taking 115 Water St. by eminent domain. It will be on Monday's agenda, I was told.

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