Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I wonder if the reporter who wrote this story has ever even been to Plum Island.

It makes it sound as if the person was jogging in Ipswich, not on the island. I mean, technically it is Ipswich ... but perhaps I'm just too tired.

I always feel so safe out here on the island and many is the time I've been what I thought was alone on the Refuge beach; way down there at parking lot 7.

Once a man in strange monkish robes came down the beach towards me, but he just said, "Good morning" and went on his way to ... where?

He was walking away from all civilization. Maybe he was going to meditate.

I don't do that anymore - walk on the Refuge beach every day - and I don't know why exactly I stopped. I used to be out there in stinging sleet and blustering wind ... but now I know I'll never do it again.

Not alone, at any rate.

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Dan Sweeney said...

Unfortunately, we live in a society that we assume security when the real world delivers us reality. why one would be so surprised at the attacking. Natural predators choose their targets when the most opportunistic time and conditions exist. Mostly we create this situation by ignoring the reality of safe presentations and actions. A sad event when the sick are allowed to roam free and the world needs to suspect everybody and adjust their supposed freedom to accommodate the lax judgment of our trusted legal system. Even sadder that one would assume safety in that environment. I am glad she survived the attack. Much respect to her controlled reaction in such a situation. It may have saved her life. Maybe more people will act in a more safe personal manner because of this situation.