Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live from NBPT City Hall it's ...

ME, your very own blogger.

Yes, my dear readers, I have been tapped by Port Media to (potentially, if it happens) broadcast live from City Hall on election night.

Watch me shove a microphone into unsuspecting candidates' faces.

Watch me demand to know how unsuccessful candidates "feel at this moment."

Watch as I pester City Clerk Richard Jones until he finally breaks down, rips off his bow tie, and tries to strangle me with it.

Watch me referee a wrestling match between Donna Holaday and James Shanley, the candidates for mayor, to break a tie.

Wow, that last one really appeals to me.

I'll keep you apprised.


Tom Salemi said...

But if you're on TV who will be home to do the watching?


Gillian Swart said...

Excellent point, Tom - except if i were home, I'd probably be on Facebook.