Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My return to Room 118 of Newburyport High School

What is the world coming to when I can't post a comment on my own freakin' blog?

It was a wild night earlier, in Room 118 at the high school . The School Committee got even more bizarre since I haven't been paying attention to it ...

Just kidding, School Committee.

Sort of.

I do believe the committee couldn't buy a pencil without debating it for 6 months ... but bravo to Steve Cole (although he could have been even more forceful in his advocacy for former NHS student Michael Cuneo - a little bit of banging on the table would have livened things up a bit), Bruce Menin and Tim Brennan (of the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority, who was watching the meeting at home and raced over in order to comment in person).

Anyone who does not know about Michael, read this, from the Daily News. Or suffice it to say that he spent his entire life in Newburyport, in Newburyport schools, and then his family had to move to Newbury - and he had to switch to Triton Regional High School. For his senior year.

Because Newburyport did not know there is a state law about situations like this one; a law that allows a student to complete his or her education in one school district, if the family moves.

Methinks Newburyport needs better legal advice.

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