Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shanley speaks

I got this in an email from City Council President James Shanley, who is running for mayor of our fair city. He gave me permission to run it as he wrote it, only I took out the bit about seeing me at the Republican Committee's open mike night (which he won't, since I have to go to the meeting about the sewer plant.)

I wanted to address the coverage/comments regarding my leaving the White Hen Pantry meeting the other night. With the benefit of hindsight, I now realize that it would have been wise for me to explain/announce my reasons for not being able to stay for the entire White Hen meeting. By not doing so, I can certainly see why people would construe my early departure as a sign of disinterest. Nothing could be further from he truth, and I would like to take this opportunity now to explain why I left before the meeting ended. Before the White Hen meeting was scheduled, I had agreed to accompany Councilor Cameron to visit a resident to help resolve a long-standing and complicated issue. This meeting was for the same time and date as the White Hen meeting. Since the White Hen is in Ward 3 where I reside, I wanted to attend, yet I also wanted to honor my previous commitment to Councilor Cameron and the resident.

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Bubba said...

The way I heard it, James also bit the head off of a live Hen before storming out while humming "Psycho Chicken" by The Fools.