Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Open Microphone Night" for Local Municipal Candidates

Tuesday September 22nd
At the Phoenix Room
19 Inn Street, Newburyport
This is a non-partisan event for the public to meet the candidates and hear their visions for the city's future.Each candidate will be allowed five minutes to address the crowd on any local subject.

The candidates' speeches will be aired on the local access channels.All local municipal candidates are invited to speak.All area residents are welcome.
For more information please contact Larry Giunta@ 978-265-0597 or newburyportrepublican@gmail.com
A donation drive for Disabled Veterans will be conducted at the event. All gifts will be donated to an organization called “Vettes To Vets”
Web site: http://www.vettestovets.org/

List of donation items needed:
Blankets • Wheelchair bags • Board Games • Men’s and Women’s Clothing
-New sweatpants, new sweatshirts, white socks, sweaters, washable slippers, sneakers with Velcro laces, hats, gloves, jackets, scarves• knee socks, warm up suits, colored t-shirts, walking shorts Full size items• Deodorant• Shampoo• Toothpaste & brushes• Denture cleaner• Poligrip • Body wash liquid soap• Baby shampoo• Disposable razors• New Electric razors, Electric pre-shave lotion Aftershave lotion• Cosmetics• Hand and Body lotion• Hair dryers• Hair brushes/combs• Electronics - TV's, stereos, Walkman radios

Check donations accepted as well. Please make checks payable to Vetts to Vets and note 'GPF 9001' in the memo section of the check.

This event is sponsored by the Greater Newburyport Republican Committee


Dick Monahan said...

The link to vettestovets is bad, and the name seems to be "Vettes to Vets", not "for".

Gillian Swart said...

OK, I found a group called Vets 4 Vets ... not sure if it's what Larry meant but oh well.

Thanks, Dick!

Dick Monahan said...

No, I believe it's this one. http://www.vettestovets.org

Newburyport's Voice said...

Hi Gillian,

The link on my blog is correct.


I am not sure where the vetts4vets came from?

Please change the link on your blog.

Thanks for posting it,


Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Larry. Sorry for the confusion.