Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No tweeting, typing in Chambers

The City Council had some (to me) bizarre rules and regs on the agenda Monday night. (I have to say that because it's now Tuesday a.m.)

First, they have banned use of all electronic devices from Council Chambers. That includes laptops - except for the ones they are using, or the ones someone else needs to use to show them something.

Despite Tom Jones turning around and saying to me, "Sorry, Gillian" mid-meeting - lol - I am not the one who ever uses an electronic device in the course of covering a meeting.

That would be (sometimes) the reporters from the Daily News.

I am, however, considering purchasing and toting in a typewriter for the next meeting, if I can find one.

I'm not clear on the motivation behind this. I can see the cell phone thing - ringing phones and chatting with ones buddies during meetings may be a tad disruptive - but texting? You could argue that to text, one needs a cell phone. Or a Blackberry, which didn't used to be synonymous with cell phone but is now, I guess.

Someone sitting near me said, "What's next? What if I decide to pick up a comic book during the meeting and read it?"

Hmmmmm ....

Then there was this list of rules for city parks. There used to be individual rules, I guess, for some individual parks. Now there's one big mess o'rules.

Parks are closed for active use and the playing of loud music at 9:30 p.m. but close at 10 p.m. - so as Greg Earls said (and I'm paraphrasing), you could lounge around for half an hour, in the quiet and in the light because the lights (if applicable) will stay on until 10.

Hey - you could text or type on your laptop.

Activities are not allowed that would potentially endanger members of the public.

What does that mean?

Because you also can't carry a firearm, start a fire, shoot off fireworks (without permission at any rate), drive your car, or ride your horse in the parks. I guess it means that, although not specified, practicing your knife throwing act is also verboten.

Hmmmmm ... I kid the City Council because they the 3.5-hr. meeting made me miss ALL of the Patriots' season opener.

Oh - and they approved John Morris to the Redevelopment Authority, 7-4. They really pulled out all the stops with comments of support for his nomination.

I was not surprised - I was told by several people that the forces were being rallied a la the Goudey re-appointment.

Who knows? He could be the best thing since sliced cheese (if you like sliced cheese).


Anonymous said...

You can't carry a firearm in a city park, but you can do it in a national park? Go figure.

Anonymous said...


Good point. I've seen as many Grizzlies in Atkinson Common as Glacier National Park.

Charlton Heston

Sarah Swart said...

I was thinking that I have a typewriter, but then I remembered that it's electric. Whatcha gonna do?