Thursday, December 31, 2009

At least someone's paying attention

According to Ward 5 City Councillor Brian Derrivan - and I see absolutely no reason not to believe him - he found the source of a breakout of hydrogen sulfide at the landfill earlier today.

Is this part of his job description? I mean, really, New Ventures is making money off this deal and a Newburyport City Councillor is seeking out and finding gas leaks? This is part of what he wrote to neighbors around 12:30 p.m.:

I have spent the last few hours at the landfill trying to find out the cause of the H2S outbreak. I found the breakout at the base of the haul road and had NV cover it with soil. I will make a few more trips later today to make sure that this has been solved.

The emails complaining about the odors, I believe, go out to Jack Morris (former? director of health), the mayor and I believe every city councillor; not to mention MassDEP.

Someone should be paying this man for his time, at the very least.

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Amazing as always