Monday, December 28, 2009

O'Brien to head up Council again?

I did a little straw poll tonight at the last City Council meeting of the year, and it appears that Tom O'Brien will take up the duty of City Council President next session. He stepped down 2 yrs. ago in favor of James Shanley.

I was told that immediately after being sworn in on Jan. 4, the City Council will convene in a business meeting and take a vote on its president. Current president Shanley, of course, ran for mayor and so is off the Council.

Both Shanley and Ward 1 City Councillor Larry McCavitt gave heartfelt and rather humorous little speeches upon their departure from the council. Mayor-elect Donna Holaday was not at the meeting because her father is ill, so send good thoughts her way, please.

I have high hopes for the new Ward 3 councillor, Bob Cronin, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

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Ari Herzog said...

What does your last sentence mean? No high hopes for me and Allison?