Friday, December 11, 2009

Community Action

So I heard Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate Scott Brown say again last night that the stimulus has created no jobs.

Well, folks, without stimulus funds to programs such as Community Action, Inc., I wouldn't be here doing Newburyport Business and hopefully we will soon be creating some writing jobs in the community. Not to mention that we hired a local, Cindy Barnard of CCB Creative, to design our site (I'd link to her site but she wants to update it).

And we're a pretty small operation (for now).

From Community Action I got fuel assistance, without which I might not have been able to stay in the city. I'm not saying that Newburyport Business is totally dependent on me, or even me being here, because it's not - but it was my idea and my partners and I (all of us really employees) hope to reap some modest benefit as well, and I thought it was important that I actually be here.

And furthermore, the dredging project and the sewer plant renovations are both using funds distributed through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to create jobs here.

So apparently Scott Brown doesn't pay attention to the city, or even the specific area (Plum Island), where his parents live. Maybe the local Republican Committee can clue him in ... ?

* I got assistance from other places as well - the Howard Benevolent Society, for one - but this post is about stimulus funds.

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macsurf said...

Well said, Gillian.

Very well said, and very true.