Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I think he's perfect for Pepperell

So he couldn't file an appeal with FEMA on behalf of 1,400 homeowners - or for that matter take New Ventures to court on behalf of other homeowners - but give him one big development company, and ...

The city filed an appeal of the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps on behalf of New England Development on Monday, the last day possible to fight the imposition of new flood maps that will impact hundreds of properties in the city.

Mayor John Moak had said earlier this year that the city would not appeal the new maps, which will take effect June 1. However, the mayor said yesterday the city is the only party that can file an appeal and did so this week on behalf of the development company.

Read the whole story in the Daily News, here.


Dick Monahan said...

The link to the DN article is broken.

Gillian Swart said...

Thanks, Dick! I fixed it ..

Anonymous said...

One only needs to goggle the Pepperell budget to see that Moak's predecessor was under contract for $91k with the declining wages of all other managers. Making one to 'assume' that the offer to replace the exiting manager would be at a 'savings', then it would be safe to 'assume' that ant replacement manager would be at the least a 5 to 10% savings?
Maybe Karp will follow his benefactor and offer to develop Pepperell? We can only hope! Still the most money a junior manager with little experience could to have the opportunity to try out for. Peppertuckit? bankruptcy seems to be the shadow to shake!