Thursday, December 10, 2009

Newburyport Business update

We decided to change from changing the content weekly to updating whenever ... well, as we get stories done, hopefully every day (because that's the way it's been going with all the breaking news).

Unfortunately today, everything got posted - even the thing that wasn't supposed to go live until tomorrow - but oh, well. I figure it was late enough in the day that people won't see it until tomorrow anyway.

Last week, as I know at least one of you (Mr. Salemi) noticed, there was a snafu and content didn't go up until late on Friday. So we got kind of sidetracked by an issue that was being sorted out ... well this is an end to that kind of thing.

Thank you to everyone who's been sending in news tips and ideas. Wow, we're never lacking for stories and most times when I go out for one thing, I find out about something else.

I really appreciate the support, and I hope you'll all come to our launch party. After that, we are really in overdrive.

And I may even have time to post more on here. Aside from direct entries, this is the #1 referral to our site. And thanks to the aforementioned Mr. Salemi, referrals from Newburyport Posts rank #2. Thanks, Tom!

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