Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, mercy

You know what one of the worst things about being a reporter is? Being told about some big story - but being asked not to report it until things have been "finalized" - and then seeing the story in the Daily News.

It happens all the time!

Damn paper of record ... ! Oh, I'm just kidding - it's the nature of the biz. Doesn't make it any less aggravating, though.

How the hell has everyone been? I've been really, really busy. I talked earlier today with Ted Epstein, who's opening the BBQ place on State St. Wow, my mouth is still watering ... no BBQ chicken on the regular menu, though. I once drove many miles (in Michigan) to have some BBQ chicken.

Something that won't be in my story: he is doing St. Louis ribs, which are bigger than baby back but smaller than Memphis ribs (which Epstein said are Fred Flintstone sized). Mmmmmm, ribs.

I can't wait 'til it opens. He said he was surprised how excited people here get about food ... which was not a surprise to me!

Mmmmmm, ribs ...


Ari Herzog said...

...of course the alternative is you have the right to refuse embargoed media releases.

Bella said...

I have been waiting for BBQ place to open in NBPT for a long time! But I am really unhappy to hear there is no BBQ chicken on the menu! I do not eat pork or beef so I will not be going there to eat! Bummer!! How can you have a BBQ place and not have BBQ chicken!
Every time i try to post something I was told my password is wrong and I have it written so I will not forget it!