Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was speechless, too

I'm sorry, but this is insanity - and by "this" I mean Newbury allowing Mrs. Buzzotta to rebuild her home that was lost to erosion on the primary dune on Plum Island.

I feel sorry for her - I really do - but look at where her house was. The dune grass has re-grown and the dune actually looks stable there.

Gee, and I just last week mentioned the fact that she was granted permission to re-build to Ed O'Donnell of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ... he was quite surprised.

I agree with the commenter on the piece who said it's time for Newbury to step up to the plate. You can't expect federal and state agencies to pump millions into a beach nourishment project when you (the town) are doing something that might be detrimental to the project.

Speaking of Newbury, there was this cute little pink former PI camp on Old Point Road that was torn down a few weeks ago. It was just like the cottage where I live. Now there's something on ugly steel stilts going up. Ah history - who needs it?

And speaking of steel ... these guys behind me this morning at Dunkin' Donuts were talking about the (apparently intentional) rust on the bridge on the rail trail going over Low St. They were postulating that the supplier of the bridge will be back shortly to "fix" the rust issue ... and I wonder, was it plowed, too? It's not even officially open, or so I was told by city Senior Planner Geordie Vining.

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macsurf said...

Of course it's insanity, but are you really surprised?

I sometimes think people today with enough money to have "ocean front" property, especialy property that is "too ocean front" for its own good, whether here in Puerto Viejo or on Plum Island, think that their money will somehow keep them safe from Neptune's anger.

Such people can be summed up in one word, STUPID. And the municipal officials who continue to allow them to build in such environs, be it here on the Caribbean or up on Plum Island, can be,in all likelihood, summed up with another word, given the fees associated with things like permits and variances, and that word is CORRUPT.