Friday, January 1, 2010

Still here, still dry

I just went over to the beach, or what's left of the beach. Let's just say I went over to the location formerly known as the beach ... we dodged a bullet this time, I think.


macsurf said...

We had a storm blow thru here overnight that ate away the beach near my house and, even worse, took the life of a young dad this AM who got caught in the storm induced rips that tear up and down the beach here this time of year.

We call this the "Caribbean", but it's still the Atlantic and, just like up on Plum Island, when it turns ugly it can be very, very, gnarly indeed.

Glad you're dry and above water, FOR NOW.

Gillian Swart said...

Yeah, I thought the storm had fizzled but now it's back on schedule. That's awful about the dad, but as someone who spent her first 7 yrs. on an island in the Atlantic/Caribbean (Barbados is half and half), I understand you have to have great respect for the ocean or it will take you in the blink of an eye.