Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beach update

The parking lot at PI center was obviously flooded but it has receded. There is sand all down it, and foam - plus people told me waves came over.

Bob Connors of the PI Foundation drove up while I was just there at about 6. He said no one expected the high tide today and that he had never seen the tide so high. We walked closer to the beach and I almost fell into a hole that had been made by the surf, I think at the edge of the sand bags. When I looked around, there was another - bigger - hole, right in the middle of the path that goes from the parking lot to the beach. Bob left to go call the Newbury police and tell them they need to fence it off before someone gets hurt.

There is also a huge tree trunk resting across the stones/groin. We couldn't tell the condition of the sand bags but the surf was still heavy (although I can't hear it from here anymore, now that the wind has died down).

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