Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Go see the wreaths

These are a couple of the wreaths that are on (silent) auction at the Custom House Maritime Museum. It's really cool to go in there and see all the wreaths hanging on the wall and up the staircase.

Proceeds from the auction, which marks the end of the Holiday House Tour this Saturday, will go towards exhibits at the museum.

I've never taken the house tour, but I know it's very popular. The wreaths were made by all kinds of people - doctors, businesses, kids, professional florists, a fly fisherman - it's very cool. Even if you don't need a wreath, it's pretty cool to look at them.

My fave is the patridge in the pear tree one. You can't tell but the partridge is all hand-made hooked. And the other one - well, I like the fact that the Christmas tree is reflected in the balls.

The bidding starts at $25.

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