Monday, December 21, 2009

Beach update, again and still no word

I just talked to the Army Corps of Engineers (the media guy - I guess Navigation Chief Ed O'Donnell has been stifled) and they still have not determined if the low bidder on the dredging project can complete the job.

He muttered something about the holidays when I said that they have been saying "next week" for the past 4 weeks or so ...

I haven't gone over to the beach today yet to see what damage, if any, was inflicted by the storm over the weekend, but I did go to Dick's Variety last night and I didn't notice any water swirling in the street.

What a life, huh?


Anonymous said...


Having worked with the Army Corp on another project I think it's doubtful that O'Donnell is being 'stifled'. I think it's much more likely that the winning bidder low-balled the project and is now having a difficult time actually finding the equipment and people to do the work within the cost of the bid.

There was X amount of money earmarked for the work, and everyone but the winning bidder submitted X+Y as a bid. You'll also notice that there weren't all that many groups bidding on the project; I suspect that word got out about the politics, fussy property owners, and (most importantly) the long-term futility of trying to save the island's beach. It's not good business to point to the eroding beach as an example of your work, no matter what's causing the erosion (and the 'blame the South Jetty' Coalition can stick it IMHO).

- The Carrot

Gillian Swart said...

Well a couple of weeks ago, O'Donnell said a bunch of stuff to me (for the Current). I mean, it was all true and very enlightening ... but it inflamed people out here on the island.