Friday, August 7, 2009

What's fairness got to do with it?

Tom Salemi has an interesting followup to my post about the NRA appointee.

"This is more of a question of process and fairness," Tom writes as he questions why Mayor John Moak did not wait on the appointment until a new mayor takes over.

Well ... I'm just learning that this nominee is a person with whom Ward 1 City Councillor Larry McCavitt has had - let's call them "differences" about waterfront issues in the past.

So I'm thinking this is mostly a (not loving) message to my ward councillor or a (loving) message to Newburyport Development, or both.

I really have to wonder - as I do when a president is on his way out the door - how much time these people spend in their final months in office nominating people for positions to twist a knife in someone else and/or to give a boost to an influential supporter.

Whatever it is - it's Moak's prerogative. (No time left for you, neighbors of the landfill; I've got other fish to fry.)

But do look for some meandering drive in the next set of plans for this proposed park, on the western side - a drive that leads to a certain 8 acres that at present has no access. You may have noticed that the plans presented were mostly for the eastern NRA lot.

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Tom Salemi said...

Aren't there plans for three buildings, parking, and a restaurant on the Western lot?

How much more you think they can fit?