Thursday, August 20, 2009

More from Ed Cameron: Towle project

So someone told me that she Googled "Towle and Newburyport" and the blog came up on the first page. How's that for ... what is that?

Anyway, I just did it myself and Tom's blog came up first (as in, #1 result) so ... I guess Google puts its own blogs at or near the top, most recent/popular first. Humpf

That's not the part from Ed Cameron but this is:

After discussion with Mayor Moak, Council President and Ward 3 Councillor Shanley, and Planning Director Sean Sullivan, I am going to place the Towle project on the Council's Planning & Development Committee agenda for the scheduled Thursday, August 27th meeting, which starts at 6pm at City Hall.

The other main agenda item that night is the small wind turbine issue.The Towle project resulted from negotiations between the developer, the City, the City Council, the Planning Board, and neighbors. The current state of inactivity and now the "for sale" status has caused justifiable concern from the neighborhood.

Planning staff will attend this meeting and will be prepared to discuss the approvals that have been granted for this project. Those approvals (special permit and site review) would hold for a new owner. Also Planning staff can outline the permitting process that would be required if there are proposed project modifications in the future.

If you have any specific questions that pertain to the Towle project, questions should be submitted to me or Planning Director Sean Sullivan in advance of the 8/27 meeting so that research can be done and a specific answer prepared. Sean's email is I can be reached via

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