Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, Daily News

I have been kind of laying off criticizing the DN recently, but honestly, the story and Opinion on Friday about the beach project contain so much misinformation, I can't help myself.

I can't find Lynne Hendricks' story from last week on the website so I can't link to it. She wasn't not at the last meeting of the Merrimack River Beach Alliance and it almost appears as if she was relying on this blog - and a kind of red-faced Army Corps of Engineers - for information.

I have a timeline for the project right here in front of me. It clearly indicates that construction has ALWAYS been scheduled to begin in January. Oct. 1 is the deadline to get all permitting in place so bids can be sent out for the work.

The point was, construction may not have taken place at all, not that it had been delayed. I don't see my story on the Current's website, so I can't link to that, either. What's with these news organizations?

I write "may not" because someone has given me a copy of an email sent out on Friday by lobbyist Howard Marlowe's office saying that the Army Corps of Engineers has given DCR the go-ahead on the easements.

There's also something about a no-jeopardy statement on the piping plover but that's not as clear.

There still also needs to be a partnership agreement approved between the Army Corps and DCR.

"While there still exist potential hang-ups with the PPA, we hear that Senators Tarr and Baddour, as well as Representative Costello and Stanley, have all been involved in behind-the-scenes conversations to assure efficiency," writes Brendan McGonigle (from Marlow & Company).

He goes on to say, "I would contend that the project is in a much more favorable position than public opinion seems to suggest. It is clear to me that all players are back at the table and ready to navigate this effort toward fruition."

And that's the latest, as I know it.

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