Monday, August 3, 2009

Saving the Hen

All I've got to say is: these people are serious, and I never realized how attached people are to this little convenience store.

I'm telling you, it's because it is not a big, impersonal place. I heard it all tonight.

More than that I cannot say, without scooping myself.


Anonymous said...

i think people also feel that this is indicative of how Karp will handle the rest of his properties. anything they feel is "undesirable" to their vision of newburyport, no matter how ingrained in the community, has to go. i think when people see it and when things start moving on the waterfront, they'll put two and two together and realize this is what we're in for. If i had more time i'd pull some of his choice quotes from the meeting he held at the middle school and compare it with the current state of affairs...could be an interesting contradiction....

keep us updated!

Bella said...

How many people showed up? I really do not understand why people are worked up about the store! What is so special about the store!

sds said...


i don't think this issue has anything to do with NED plan's for the waterfront. and certainly not any long-term goals of NED for our fair city.

it has far more to do with the changes that the Mass Legislature made to allow pharmacies operate limited service medical clinics. The is the reason CVS wishes to expand.

Bella, for those of us in the central part of the city White Hen is a great place.

Their sandwiches are excellent and available from morning till late evening. They also take care of the regulars when one does not have enough to pay for coffee before payday.

One other little note.

Why does everyone focus on Mr. Karp. Do any of you really think he actually deals with the day to day business of this company?


Gillian Swart said...

I think, David, that Karp is the symbol. He came here and said how much he loved Nbpt and blah blah blah and people bought it. Now his company has stepped onto some really sensitive ground and I bet he regrets having said anything because he set the bar.

At any rate, he's a businessman and this is business. And you're right, I doubt very much he was even aware of the transaction.

That being said - this whole thing was handled very poorly by NED's local people. Funny how no one blames the Lagasses.