Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello again

You know? I don't know about this doggie park idea.

I know a couple of years ago, there were 2 women running around trying to drum up support for a doggie park but I never heard any more about it. They wanted to use that space by the Towle Bldg. ... lol.

Anyway, my feeling - like that of the DN commenter Land_Shark (who sounds suspiciously like Bubba) - is that if you don't have the space to provide for a dog, you should either move to a bigger space or not own a dog. It's cruel.

Nobody gives me jack shit for my cat, the little monster, and I don't expect anyone to do so. Why should a dog be any different?

And that brings me to festivals and such in town, and people who bring their dogs with them. What the ....? The dogs are barking at each other, getting into small (or large) skirmishes while their owners bleat, "No, [insert name of dog here], NO!"

I also sort of object to people bringing their small children everywhere - what happened to baby sitters? - but that's not going to get me anywhere good.


Dick Monahan said...

Dogs are nice. Many dog owners are not. We live next to Atwood Park. On the door into the fenced-in tennis court is a big "No Dogs" sign. There are dog owners with their dogs in there every day.

If they want a place to run their dogs, I suggest they get together and buy a piece of land. I attended a show in NYC a few years ago that was a benefit for such a group. If they could do it in Manhattan, it can certainly be done here.

Tom Salemi said...

Would you like to rail against the elderly as well?

Ari Herzog said...

First, it is unfair to compare cats and dogs. That's like men and women. Physically and mentally different.

Second, I agree there are too many dogs tethered to owners in densely-packed areas. It's one thing to walk a dog to give him or her exercise, but puppies are trained with crates and people work as sitters for a reason.

Third, I agree with the merits of a dog park--but who will be liable for damages to dogs or property?

I say this as someone who's spent the past 15 years with a dog in the family.

Anonymous said...

Anyone up for a Cat Park?

Gillian Swart said...

Now, Tom ... yes. Those people who insist on bringing their grannies and gramps into restaurants with them. That's why I'm in favor of a senior center. Let them eat institutional food. Why just the other night, these 2 idiots brought this oldster into the Starboard Galley and he ... oh, wait ... that was me, and my neighbor, who did that.

Never mind.