Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More on White Hen

So I'm reading the story in the Daily News about last night's White Hen meeting ... yeah.

The piece conveniently leaves out anything Ward 3 councillor (and mayoral candidate) James Shanley said, how passionate the people were and how both Moak and Shanley advised people to move their prescription accounts over to another pharmacy if they are unhappy with what CVS (and by extension New England Development) are doing.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with what the mayor had to say (although since he was sitting right behind me every time he said something I was hit by a cloud of mouthwash fumes) because when he said that about moving prescriptions, he also pointed out that some people are tied to a CVS under their health plans.

Isn't that interesting? And people think they have freedom to choose under the current health care system.

It's also pretty impressive that Shanley has his prescriptions at Lynch, the only privately-owned pharmacy left in town.

The deal has been done, and even if it hadn't, I don't know what the success rate would be of this group of people. But I love that they are doing it because Karp and the Lagasses need to know that people aren't going to just roll and while they are rolling all over the city.

Hey, I wonder if Karp has found a way to get access to his property on the waterfront yet? The paid parking area on the parcel owned by the Waterfront Trust would suggest, "Well, not through there at any rate."

But of course, the development wouldn't be there for years and who knows what could happen in the interim?


skyebluelake said...

Save the White Hen! When you run out of something in the middle of the night, where will we go?

If the deal is done, we must NOT support CVS.

Maybe the White Hen could move into the Tannery near Video Express? That would be a nice central location.

Sarah Swart said...

"people think they have freedom to choose under the current health care system".....
At least until they have some condition with such a high price tag that their insurer(s) won't cover it. Then the real "rationing" starts!!

Bubba said...

I don't think a few noseeums are going to ruin Karp's day at the beach. He'll just pop into CVS for some skin-so-soft...

Gillian Swart said...

oh Bubba, wouldn't he have to get that from his Avon rep?